Emiliani Lecture

2016 Bette Otto-Bliesner, “Resolving Some Puzzles of Climate Evolution Since the Last Glacial Maximum: A Melding of Paleoclimate Modeling and Data
2015 Alan Mix, “Searching for tipping points in Pleistocene climate: Are they real? Are they portents for the future?
2014 Peter DeMenocal, “Climate & Life: A Human Retrospective”
2013 Howie Spero, “The Paleoceanography Frontier: Proxies, New Technologies and Novel Questions”
2012 Richard Zeebe, “No future without a past” or “History will teach us nothing”?
2011 Henry Elderfield, “What a Single Celled Organism Can Tell Us About Climate History: A Status Report On Paleocean Proxies With Examples”
2010 David Hodell, “Abrupt climate change during the Last Ice Age from the perspective of 17°N, 90°W”
2009 Delia Oppo, “Tropical Climate: Insights from Sediment and Modeling Studies”
2008 Christina Ravelo, “Lessons from the Pliocene Warm Period and the Onset of Northern Hemisphere Glaciation”
2007 David W. Lea, “Changes in Attitude on Equatorial Latitudes: Tropical Climate Evolution During the Ice Ages”
2006 James C. Zachos, “Tempo and Magnitude of Greenhouse Warming and Ocean Acidification at the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary”
2005 Maureen E. Raymo, “On Glaciations and Their Causes”
2004 Lonnie G. Thompson, “Tropical Ice Core Evidence for Rapid Holocene Climate Change and Asynchronous Glaciation”
2003 William F. Ruddiman, “The Anthropogenic Era Began Thousands of Years Ago”
2002 Richard B. Alley, “Prepare Immediately for Whatever is Going to Happen Next: A Paleoclimatic View of the Future”
2001 Wallace S. Broecker, “Reconstructions of the CO3 Ion Distribution in the Glacial Deep Ocean”
2000 James Kennett, “Role of methane Hydrate in Late Quaternary Climate Change”
1999 Nicholas Shackleton, “Will Oxygen Isotope Stratigraphy Survive the Next Millennium?”

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