Student Awards

Outstanding Student Paper Award Winners

2016 Maayan Yehudai, (Columbia University in the City of New York) “Changes in Equatorial Atlantic Ocean Thermohaline Circulation Across the Mid-Pleistocene Transition”
2016 Karen Vyverberg, (University of Florida) “New Constraints from the Seychelles on the Timing and Magnitude of Peak Global Mean Sea Level during the Last Interglacial”
2016 Danielle Santiago Ramos, (Princeton University) “Paired measurements of K and Mg isotopes and clay authigenesis in marine sediments”
2016 Jeremy Caves, (Stanford University) “The Neogene de-greening of Central Asia”
2015 Allison Jacobel, (Columbia University in the City of New York) “130 kyr of Dust Fluxes in the Equatorial Pacific: Implications for ITCZ movement and intensity”
2015 Benjamin Hatchett, (University of Nevada Reno) “A Medieval Perspective of Historical California and Nevada Droughts”
2015 Julia Kelson, (University of Washington) “Reconciling Empirical Carbonate Clumped Isotope Calibrations: A Comparison of Calcite Precipitation and Acid Digestion Methods”
2014 Kevin Burke, (University of Wisconsin-Madison) “Improving estimates of regional vegetation: Using pre-settlement vegetation data and variable wind speed to quantify pollen dispersal and source area”
2014 Madelyn Mette, (Iowa State University) “Linking North Atlantic Climate Dynamics with Shell Growth and Geochemistry in Northern Norway”
2014 Rosie Oakes, (Penn State University) “Adding a New Dimension to the Study of Calcareous Plankton Response to Ocean Acidification”

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