Paleoceanography & Paleoclimatology Honors and Fellows

Paleoceanography & Paleoclimatology Fellows

Primary PP Affiliation

Michael Arthur
Julie Brigham-Grette
Stephen Calvert
William Curry
R. Lawrence Edwards
Richard Fairbanks
Ross Heath
David Hodell
Lloyd Keigwin
Jeffrey Kiehl
Paul Mayewski
Philip Meyers
Gifford Miller
Kenneth Miller
Bette L. Otto-Bliesner
Mark Pagani
Walter Pitman
Henry Pollack
Jay Quade
David Rea
William Ruddiman
Michael Sarnthein
Peter K. Swart
Isaac Winograd
James Zachos

Secondary PP Affiliation

Richard Alley
Robert Anderson
John Andrews
Charles Bacon
Edouard Bard
Eric Barron
Michael Bender
Charles Bentley
Wolfgang Berger
Julio Betancourt
Robert Bidigare
James Bischoff
Raymond Bradley
James Briden
Stephen Burges
Mark Cane
James Channell
Petr Chylek
Garry Clarke
Amy Clement
Kenneth Creer
Kurt Cuffey
Margaret Delaney
Patricia Dove
Ellen Druffel
Arnold Gordon
Vijay Gupta
Bernard Hallet
Christopher Harrison
Dennis Hayes
John Hayes
Friedrich Heller
Malcolm Hughes
Hope Jahren
Philip Jones
James Kasting
James Kennett
Seth Krishnaswami
Mark Kurz
Laurent Labeyrie
Devendra Lal
Bruce Luyendyk
Douglas MacAyeal
J. Douglas Macdougall
Judith McKenzie
Jerry Mitrovica
Theodore Moore
Ellen Mosley-Thompson
R. Dietmar Mueller
Lawrence Mysak
Norman Ness
Ernest Oxburgh
Jeffrey Park
Thomas Pedersen
W. Richard Peltier
Fred Phillips
Nicklas Pisias
Warren Prell
Edward Sarachik
Jorge Sarmiento
Peter Schlosser
Daniel Schrag
Lonnie Thompson
Robert Thunell
John Toggweiler
Edward Winterer
Carl Wunsch

The Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology Focus Group can nominate one individual for Fellow each year. This nomination is forwarded to the Fellows Committee through a section.

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- Elisabeth L. Sikes, Katherine A. Allen, David C. Lund

Enhanced vertical gradients in benthic foraminiferal δ13C and δ18O in the Atlantic and Pacific during the last glac [...]

- G. Serrato Marks, M. LaVigne, T. M. Hill, W. Sauthoff, T. P. Guilderson, E. B. Roark, R. B. Dunbar, T. J. Horner

Trace elemental ratios preserved in the calcitic skeleton of bamboo corals have been shown to serve as archives of [...]

- Igor Niezgodzki, Gregor Knorr, Gerrit Lohmann, Jarosław Tyszka, Paul J. Markwick

We investigate the impact of different CO2 levels and different subarctic gateway configurations on the surface tem [...]